My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House – Wasting Away

When we were asked to review the latest single from My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House, they were a new band to us, and honestly, it was the cool name of the band that drew us to take a listen. Boy are we glad we did?! Their latest single, Wasting Away, is just freakin’ awesome!!

A song about the monotony of corporate America, desk jobs and following a different path to the drones that head to the office every day.

Wasting Away starts as it means to go on. With a quick burst of electric guitars and some “telephone effect” vocals, the song quickly progresses into the full band sound with drums and bass added.

Wasting Away really is a perfect example of skater rock. Maybe some punky rock overtones in there too. We were reminded very much Offspring, but most definitely not a copycat band. My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House really are a unique trio.

Hailing from Philadelphia, US, this trio formed in 2020 and have been honing their skills during the pandemic by putting out music and waiting to get on the road. Man, what a show that will be. This is one hell of a tight band that will put on the most awesome show live.

Wasting Away is a really catchy song. The harmonies in the chorus are fantastic and the song is clear and loud without distorting.

Wasting Away has an aggressive energy that is infectious. It is chaotic and hectic and there’s so much happening all the time throughout the song. It makes us wonder if the energetic power is a window into the mind of the lyricist. There’s so much happening all the time.

“My neighbours hate me
My Girlfriend hates me
My dog hates me
I love myself”

There’s some really superb use of rise and fall throughout this radio friendly length track and it easily maintained our interest for several listens. There’s lots of rhythmic changes throughout to keep you interested and we have to give some serious kudos to the drummer. That guy is on fire! Some exciting riffs and fills throughout the song really add to the overall energy of the track. We seriously want to see this band perform live!

Wasting Away is a well mixed track. From a production perspective (and of course, just our own) we might suggest a high pass at 35Hz to counter some rumble in the track that most speakers can’t handle. A thin cut around 190-200Hz to counter the slightly dominating frequency of the snare tuning. A wide boost across the middle will add a touch more fullness and a little extra around 4-5kHz will add some extra definition. Consider a slight boost of the top octave for a little more “air”.

One of our favourite tracks this week, My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House; Wasting Away is a burst of raw energy from an incredibly promising US based Skater rock trio. We will be looking out for these guys and hope to hear much much more from them.