N4November – Constant Reminder

Australian solo artist, N4November, has just released a new song, Constant Reminder. We’ve been listening to it here in the studio today at Send Me Your Ears.

The way the song starts, you genuinely have no idea how its going to go. Is this to be a pop song? an R&B song, a rock song? Its just impossible to tell from the first few bars. Anyone that’s read any of our reviews before will know just how much we love genre crossing music and being kept on our toes, so this one really piqued our interest straight away.
When the vocals come in they are raw with emotion. Not anger, just a real melancholy almost OMD style vocal. This feels as though the song would have suited more aggressive, octave higher vocals, but in the same way, what we have here is a voice that just wants to get their emotions out without making a fuss. Its almost as though the vocalist has come to terms with the subject matter and is simply just splurging out the contents of his mind for all to hear.
This is a well delivered, emotional performance on vocals. The vocalist is very unique sounding which is always a plus in this over-saturated market.
I like the half time feel in the pre-chorus. It has a really dark, almost Linkin Park feel to it, but when the chorus comes in its surprisingly bouncy and positive feeling. This is a wonderful blend of styles which, on paper, shouldn’t work but absolutely do.
The drums are powerful. Well recorded and well mixed. They carry the song well.
There’s some lovely rise and fall all the way through Constant Reminder that keeps you interested throughout and keep the listener wondering whats next.

As far as the mix is concerned, there’s a little too much “honk” on the vocal track for my taste. A cut in the upper mids will help counter the effects of the vocals sounding a little tuned in places. I’d also notch out a little at 500 and 2500 Hz to remove some of the boxy, harsh tones in the vocal track.
N4November has created a song which sounds to me as though it was good therapy to write. An interesting theme and a really unique style together with a radio friendly length should make this song a great offering to be considered for air play. Best of luck!