We recently reviewed Australian artist, N4November, with his single, Constant Reminder and he’s back again today in our ears with his latest single, Mistakes And Heartbreak.

Mistakes and Heartbreak is a song of regret. It’s about mistakes that lead to heartache and as the writer ages and matures, they learn from their mistakes and wish that they knew back then what they know now.

Mistakes And Heartbreak has a huge dramatic sound to it. With enormous sub-bass and swelling pads, keys and synths, you find yourself totally immersed in the enormity of the song.

The song starts relatively gently with synths and multi-layered vocals and it’s not until around 1 minute in that some gorgeous and simple half-time feel drums are added to the mix. Strings come in here too… the sound just gets more and more massive!

There’s some beautiful stereo in the layered vocal tracks, joined later in the song by some gentle and distant electric guitar riffs and fills that add even more to the sound.

Fantastic use of what sounds like floor toms where you expect there to be a kick drum during the more dramatic sections – we loved this change up, and it all added to the drama. The drums arrive and are very distant with acres of reverb, but then at around 2 minutes 30s, they merge further forward into the song and you can just feel the excitement and passion building. The use of rise and fall to maintain the listener, and to create more drama, work fantastically.

From our own perspective, perhaps a cut in the vocal track around 500-600Hz may be an idea. It’s our own personal taste that tuned vocals aren’t our thing, and to our ears, this will counter that slightly honky sound that tuned vocals often have. An overall boost 4kHz and upwards will add some extra brightness and a little boost around 2kHz will add some more definition and edge in that area in our opinion.

N4November has once again pulled it out of the bag, with an enormous sounding, passionate and emotional performance that sweeps the listener into his world and forces you to pay attention.