Regina, (Canada) based artist, Nasmore, has teamed up with rock vocalist, Cris Hodges, to produce an epic anthemic rock track and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio are feeling very fortunate to have been introduced to this classy track.

When Will I Learn is an anthem for anyone fighting with loss, regret, and remorse. It is a powerful and emotional performance from all involved and it absolutely gripped us from start to finish. Beginning almost ominously with thunderous toms, the vocals that come in are breathy, passionate and extremely well controlled. As the song progresses, Hodges, shows his remarkable versatility on vocals with some world class belt moments that were enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

The incidental guitar between vocals early on in the song is classy and well placed, with an excellent tone. There are moments that the track has a slightly Scorpions feel to it.

The rise and fall within When Will I Learn is really quite something. The rising and rising chorus was positively euphoric and truly an emotional performance.

As the electric guitar solo comes in, you’re treated to a spectacular Slash-like display of musicianship. Everything about this track screams world class.

From a production perspective, we feel the song would be a tiny bit fuller with a small but very wide boost right across the middle; basically a boost centred around 1kHz but reaching as far as 100Hz and 10kHz either side. The mix is perfect and every instrument has its own place. The clarity is immaculate. This is definitely a track to keep in the pile of reference tracks for other artists looking to produce top quality melodic metal/ hard rock.

Easily our favourite track of the day, When Will I learn is a spectacular display of songwriting and musicianship with some incredible performances from all involved. We look forward to hearing more from this talented Canadian artist.