For lovers of authentic 80s music, stop what you’re doing and go take a listen to Nathalie Miranda’s latest release, Is This Love.

From the synth sounds to the very 80s sounding drum track, this is sure to please fans of Stock Aitken and Waterman!
Vocally, Nathalie sounds a little Whitney like. Praise indeed, I think! There’s some real vocal gymnastics in here, especially towards the end of the song where Nathalie’s vocals really shine through with confidence and conviction.

Is This Love has a super-catchy chorus that we’ll be singing all day. I particularly like how the backing vocals come in just for the title line of the song “Is This Love” and then leave Nathalie to do her own thing with the rest of the song. Her voice really carries this song well and I can hear some serious moments of virtuosity here.

Photo credits: Simon Cookson

I imagine that Nathalie is a joy to behold live. This kind of catchy 80s feel is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

The vocals are clear and the lyrics are easy to make out. There’s no muddiness hiding them away here. I must admit that it did sound a little like the backing had been produced and then the vocals added later. There was something about the vocals that didn’t sit 100% in the track. More reverb or delay might help with this.

There’s a couple of peaks in the EQ of the vocals. I’d suggest searching around 350 and 800hZ to find that sweet spot, and also a little boost in the low mids will add a little warmth. A wide boost in the EQ around 10kHz will add in that brightness and zing that makes 80s music sound so positive and engaging.

As a child of 80s music I am obviously really drawn to this track. The attention to detail in the instrumentation and that “Waiting For A Star To Fall” style key change all make for an absolutely hit making 80s track. All we need now is a time machine!

We give this song 4 ears out of 5

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