Near Death Experience (NDX) – Underground

If you’re looking for some nostalgic rock n roll/ rhythm and blues… look no further than the latest single from Near Death Experience (NDX). We’ve been taking many many listens to this positive, upbeat track in the studio today and we think you’re gonna love it too.

Underground is the new single from NDX and it’s a real corker. Reminiscent of some damn fine early 80s music, Underground has a kind of Stray Cats/ Brian Setzer feel to it. We noticed a few Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra moments too.

The song starts with an instantly engaging and funky bassline with tambourine, before adding guitar and drums. There’s always something to listen to throughout this track and there really is never a dull moment.

A splendid horn section, as you’d expect on this style of music, as well as a positively uplifting muted trumpet solo that had a slightly mariachi feel to it. This was expertly played with some really fast and impressive licks.

Kudos really must be given to every musician involved in this track. Every instrument really is masterfully played, and kudos to the producer for giving each instrument its own space and plenty of room to shine. At any given moment in the track, you could choose to focus in on one instrument and hear it clearly in the mix. The panning and stereo in the track are superbly done and this song just washes over you until it ends when you feel the need to press play again.

The vocals are well mixed and well compressed. They are nicely up front all the way through and at no point are they lost when more instrumentation is added. The vocalist himself has some fantastic tricks up his sleeve with some very well placed growls in just the right places to really add some passion into the song. There’s a real ease and confidence in the vocals that draws you in and really makes the listener warm to the song.

There’s something about the quality of musicianship in this track that really makes it stand head and shoulders above a lot of new music right now. NDX are a truly well rehearsed and extremely competent act and we can only imagine how great they are live. If you’re in the London (UK) area we strongly urge you to look them up.

Near Death Experience were a new act to us today, but based on the quality of the track we’ve just listened to (many many times!) we sincerely hope we’ll be hearing a lot more from these guys. Feel good, musical bliss!