Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we’ve been listening to Bath, UK artist, Neil Taylor’s latest single, Low Light.

Low Light is a song about the state of the global crisis we are existing in. A song about war, covid and years of fighting each other without learning anything. In the words of Neil, “The world seems to be going down a slippery slope; Ukraine/Russia, Global markets about to crash etc. We just don’t know what’s around the corner; Global warming; Political correctness…So much anger if you don’t have the right opinion”

Low Light starts with a filtered EQ beginning which gives the full song much more impact when it comes crashing in. A wonderful start to a compelling rock song and a call to action for real change in the world.

With layered vocals and a slapback delay on the lead voice, this sounds a little like a Def Leppard track in places. The voice itself reminded us just a touch of Jon Bon Jovi too.

We like the occasional incidental electric guitar fills between lyric lines. The style of the song feels very late 80s and the instrumentation and general feel of the track gives off some definite Duran Duran vibes.

We loved the breakdown with swirling vocals and bass that builds back up into a superb guitar solo with some unique note choices and great tone.

We giggled to ourselves at Taylor’s press release. He describes the recording process as “Recorded in my kitchen whilst my wife cooked. There were many interruptions.” We can only imagine! You may recognise Taylor’s guitar style from the English pop/rock band, Tears For Fears.

Involved in the project are Chuck Sabo- Drums Gwenael Damman-Bass Neil Taylor-Guitar & Vocals.

Low Light is an exciting Def Leppard feeling track which will delight fans of late 80s rock. We’re looking forward to hearing more from this creative UK artist.