Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio we’ve been listening to Nick Noon’s latest single, Bring Out The Sunshine. We previously released his track, Costumes, and described his music as “accessible prog rock” so we were excited to hear what this next track would sound like.

Bring Out The Sunshine begins with an orchestral opening that reminded us again of ELO. The whole song has an upbeat Britpop-type feel to it, whilst also bringing a great deal more influences into the mix.

After the huge orchestral production of the introduction, Bring On The Sunshine drops back into a lovely warm acoustic strummed guitar pattern with a shaker and Nick’s inviting vocals taking the lead. As the song progresses and develops, more instrumentation is added, with some beautiful layered vocal sections in the choruses to great effect.

There is superb use of strings and the occasional brass in this track and it has moments of the Verve or Oasis in its Britpop stylings. The ending of the track had a very Beatles Hey Jude style. with repeated vocal lines and a rousing guitar solo, together with drums that kept making us think we were heading for the crescendo, but still somehow managed to keep rising.

The production on this track is just huge, reminiscent of a rock opera, but we love the fact that the verses always dropped back to the guitar and vocals. The dynamic soundscape here is superb. There are a great deal of repeated lyrics within the song, making this an easily accessible sing-along anthem.

From a production perspective, we’d suggest a boost around 60Hz would bring out the thump of the kick drum and a small cut around 110Hz would balance out the low end nicely. A small ‘scoop’ across the mids followed by a small boost in the top two octaves would also increase the brightness and clarity in the track. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

If you are looking for nostalgic rock, that will take you back to a time when ELO dominated the charts, then Nick Noon’s, Bring Out The Sunshine will tick all the right boxes for you.