Nobody’s Wolf Child – Lost Among The Pines

Today in the Send Me Your Ears studio we were fortunate enough to have the sounds of Nobody’s Wolf Child echoing around. Lost Among The Pines is the second song that we’ve reviewed for Nobody’s Wolf Child and we’re just as impressed with this track as we were with the first; The Devil’s Gold.

Lost Among The Pines starts creepily! There’s some exciting and unique sound effects that put the listener just a little on their guard. Beautiful stereo and panning of the effects here.

The song is mostly carried by the impossibly talented lead vocals of Nobody’s Wolf Child. There’s some just glorious harmony vocals in this track with some spot on reverbs on them. Everything about this track just screams quality.

As we’ve already heard from Nobody’s Wolf Child, we’re hearing some cinematic rise and fall, together with some positively euphoric moments. The backing vocals really help to carry the song into a new dimension and the lead vocals – well – we’ve commented previously on their similarity to Stevie Nicks, but on this track they feel more unique. Just a touch of Stevie Nicks at one moment in the song, but aside from that, there’s something about Lost Among The Pines that shows some true individuality.

Lost Among The Pines is a track that we believe would be extremely suitable for searching out a sync deal. Not so much a single – more of a soundscape, this is a track which we can imagine working well in something like a supernatural mystery or perhaps a Nordic drama!
This is a song which forces the listener to take a breath and chill out. If you’re stressed out and have just under 3 minutes to spare, then you wouldn’t go wrong taking a moment to listen.

Lost Among The Pines is another well produced track. For our own personal taste we’d suggest a wide dip in the master centered around 800Hz to combat a very slight boxy sound in the overall track. Also a low shelf boost around 200Hz and below to bring out some extra warmth – with perhaps a high pass at 40Hz and additional cut at 35Hz where something in the kick is dominating. Most hi-fi’s can’t cope with these frequencies anyway, so it’d be wise to give some additional headroom here. Perhaps a boost in the top 2 octaves to balance things out a little more. However, these are just our personal thoughts and once again Nobody’s Wolf Child have produced an almost flawless and beautiful track.

We’re so excited to hear more from Nobody’s Wolf Child. There’s something really classy and unique about this music that has been a joy to have in our ears today. Keep ‘em coming!!