NOBODY’S WOLF CHILD – The Devil’s Gold

NOBODY’S WOLF CHILD have just released their latest song, The Devil’s Gold, and its just glorious!

If you’ve not heard of Nobody’s Wolf Child before, then I thoroughly urge you to check them out. This is intelligent, evocative music.
I have to give huge kudos to the sublime control on the vocals here. This is really powerful, controlled head voice at its best. There’s something both sinister and fragile about the vocals here. A little musical theatre in places (I’m guessing that the vocalist is classically trained perhaps?). There were shades of Clannad, Enya, Stevie Nicks and Evanescence in there too, but still very unique and individual. All of which should hopefully persuade our reader to go check out this band from the South East of England.

This is a song that keeps the listener on their toes. You’re never quite sure what’s going to happen next and I love that in a song. I like to be challenged and The Devil’s Gold sure does that.

This is cinematic drama that gives goosebumps. I can truly imagine this becoming part of a full on stage production that would draw a very keen thinking audience.
There’s some wonderful rise and fall throughout this song. Moments of full band with drums and everything happening and then stripped back to almost just vocals – and with a vocalist that’s more than capable of carrying this alone.

From a mastering point of view, I’m impressed. I’d make a tiny cut around 900Hz to balance out one or two vocal frequencies and a larger boost in the high-mids through to the highs to bring out the subtleties, vulnerability and breathiness in the vocals as well as adding a little sheen to the strings.

The Devil’s Gold is a stunning work of art. This really isn’t just music, this is a full on immersive experience that needs to be appreciated loudly with headphones on and a very big mug of tea.

We give this song four ears out of five