Berlin (Germany) based duo, Numbers Don’t Count, release their latest single, I’ll Be There, and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been taking a few listens today.

This is a fun and bouncy, positive sounding track that reminded us a great deal of several mid 90s bands that we love. Dodgy, Supergrass, Beautiful South and Blow Monkeys all spring to mind. There’s a great timbre in the vocalist’s voice that really cuts through in the mix. A great twang that helps the vocals sit forward. We like the change up in the vocals after the guitar solo where a telephone filter is used, before bringing the rest of the band back in for a powerful closer and a stinger ending.

The guitar solo in this is superb – great choices of notes and the drumming that sits underneath the solo is extremely tight and enjoyable and exciting to listen to. This feels like an act that would absolutely shine in a live situation.

We love the rise and fall in this track. The choruses are catchy and thanks to some great choices of instrumentation and fills, you know exactly where you are in the song at any given moment.

I’ll Be There is a declaration to go through hard times together as friends and to dance one’s pain away “for at least a while”. Band members, Marian and Marcel, describe their music as “nostalgic rock” and we can see why. Lovers of 60s pop and 90s rock alike will be thrilled to hear this lo-fi authentic blast from the past.

We absolutely love the writing and performance of this song. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable and well written track, performed by superb musicians. From a production perspective, this song could really shine with just a few mastering adjustments. A low boost at around 60Hz would bring out the thump of the kick drum a little more. This along with a low shelf boost at around 130Hz would give the whole track little more depth and warmth. A couple of wide boosts t 600-700Hz and another around 4kHz would give the track more fullness and presence. Finally a high shelf boost in the top octave for additional brightness. The track would remain fairly quiet after all this so a light compressor / limiter and around 3dB of make up gain would bring the overall volume up.

I’ll Be There is a fun nostalgic ride. It is a catchy and positive track that will bring a smile to your face. We’re looking forward to hearing more from this superb German duo.