ODEONS – Leave Alone

Finnish duo, Odeons, have released their latest single, Leave Alone. Its out today! April 8 2022.
We’ve been taking a detailed listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

We absolutely love the message of this song. Leave Alone is about leaving your dark side behind; “leave alone the devil you know, for a trip into the great unknown”. Its about getting out of your comfort zone and makes us think of the wise words – people who never fail, never tried.

Leave Alone is just the positive message that we all need as we (hopefully) emerge from a global pandemic. So many people are re-thinking their lives and this comes at just the right time to push the listener into believing in themselves.

We love the low passed drums at the start and the combination of synths and electric guitars make this song feel like its straight out of the late 80s/ early 90s. Its almost a cross over between that kind of Pet Shop Boys electronic feel, together with some rock elements of bands like, say, Europe.

Leave Alone develops well and that all important second verse development has clearly been given attention in the scoring. We love the lead vocalists voice, and the layered vocals behind him serve to bolster his voice and fore you to pay attention to those inspirational lyrics.

There’s a gorgeous instrumental breakdown at around 2 minutes in, which is then followed with one hell of a build to the end with a repeated line over and over in the backing vocals and the lead vocals having the time of his life riffing over the top. This is classy stuff!

Leave Alone has been well mixed and well produced. Every instrument is given their own space very comfortably in the EQ range and everything is clear and present. For our own ears, we’d suggest a gentle slope of tiny EQ changes; a little boost in the first 3 octaves, with just a touch more around 250Hz will give the song more warmth. A wide cut around 900Hz will balance out a few frequencies that just poke through a little too much in the vocal track, and awide boost centred around 6kHz will add some brightness and make those glorious synths sizzle even more!

We absolute loved this new track from Odeons and if you’re a fan of either 80s electronic synth bands or 90s European rock then this is most definitely for you. A fantastic blend of genres and really superbly produced, performed and scored track. Great stuff!