Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Australia’s, Ollie Twohill. Washed Away is out today, 24 February 2023, and we very strongly urge you to take a listen to this heartfelt song.

We’ve reviewed Ollie’s music several times over the past few months and we’ve always been impressed with his musicianship, his writing and his voice. On this occasion, he’s absolutely brought us to our knees with one of the most emotive songs we’ve heard in a while.

Washed Away was written in response to the catastrophic floods of 2022 that affected Ollie’s hometown of Murwillumbah and then progressively throughout Australia for the past 12 months.

The lyrics are true tear-jerkers. Living on the other side of the world, we’d heard very little of the floods in Australia, but hearing them from a first-person’s perspective, and from someone we hugely admire, was heartbreaking.

“I live a simple life
I always keep to myself
Despite all the rumours
No, I’m not alright
I lost my house this morning as the rain kept pouring
How could this happen to me?”

Washed Away starts with an interesting chord progression on stereo acoustic guitar. A thick and full drum fill leads you into a heavier rocky section with a Santana-like electric guitar solo.

The song drops right back to acoustic guitar and brings in Ollie’s vocals; clear and present in the mix, with every lyric easily discernible. Ollie displays some superb vocal gymnastics in this track, with some growl and belt notes to give the listener goosebumps. The layered vocals in the choruses add plenty of extra attitude to the song and give it a slightly grungey feel.

The first verse develops well with a side-stick snare for the first part and a subtle change to a full snare for the second half. The bassline here is to die for! Super-funky but understated. We loved it!

We’ve come to love Ollie’s music for his ability to rise and fall a track well, and in Washed Away, he’s taken this to a whole new level. The rollercoaster of energy and emotion packed into this song takes you on a journey you’re unlikely to forget.

This song has everything! Superb use of panning in the guitars, a gorgeous little A Capela section and a final chorus punctuated by a stunning guitar solo that builds a spectacular crescendo to the end. All of this coupled with heartbreaking lyrics delivered with raw emotion. Ollie Twohill has created a song we’ll never forget. We strongly urge you to take a listen to this exceptional artist.

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