Ollie Wade – She

During lockdown, Ollie Wade set himself a challenge; to learn classical piano. His latest single, She, is more than enough evidence to show that he succeeded in his challenge.

Ollie Wade, from London, UK, has produced a new song, She, which is a dedication of love to his Mother. She must be very proud. He wrote it for Mothers Day.

The song starts with just a touch of white noise that gives the track a kind of waves sounding feel. The dreamy sounding guitar and piano that come in at the same time serve to let you know that “She” is going to be a gentle and heartfelt ballad that will take you on an emotional journey. To those readers who are close with their mothers, Ollie Wade is sure to pull at your heartstrings.

The vocals are smooth and well controlled. Acres of reverb on the vocal track add to the dreamy feel and make the listener feel relaxed and safe.

The falsetto in Ollie’s voice is a real joy to listen to. Throughout the song we are treated to some very gentle and vulnerable vocals with plenty of depth and warmth to keep the listener interested.

The song develops a little at around 2 minutes in, with the addition of some harmony vocals and again at 3 minutes in with the addition of some high passed drums. Overall, the gentle calmness of this track and the love the writer has for his mother is both evident and inspirational.

All of us at Send Me Your Ears feel that “She” is a great candidate for TV sync. It is just the kind of gentle and smooth heartfelt song that we can imagine being well placed in a TV drama. Both the BBC and AMC in particular are using this style of music a great deal at the moment and we feel that Ollie should channel his ambition in this direction with this track.

We have a few tiny adjustments to suggest in the master, but as always, these our just our personal thoughts.
We suggest a high pass at 40Hz. There’s a little rumble on the track that most home hi-fi won’t be able to handle too well and could make for less enjoyment of the track. A boost of the rest of the bottom 3 octaves will add some more warmth into Ollie’s beautiful, smooth vocals. A cut around 400Hz will balance out a few dominating moments in the vocal track and a shelf boost of the top 2 octaves, together with a little dip out at 9kHz to avoid over-boosting the sibilance in the vocal track should make for some extra air and brightness in the overall song.

Ollie Wade’s, She, will appeal to lovers of easy listening singer-songwriter music and for those who have a close relationship with their mother, this will be just the perfect gift for her.