Olly E – Everlasting

Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we’ve been taking a listen to Leicester (UK) based artist, Olly E’s latest single, Everlasting.

Everlasting is a song which documents the harsh realities of nature. Climate change, war and all the things which can’t be undone. Everlasting is a reflection on our oblivion and a plea to for listeners to step up and do their part to save the planet.

Everlasting starts with a gentle piano riff that is then joined by much heavier electric guitars and punchy guitars. The piano riff is repeated in several sections throughout the song and adds a noticeable touch of class to the choruses.

Influenced by artists such as Linkin’ Park, the young artist, Olly E, has been releasing music since 2016 and appears to be a very driven and ambitious songwriter.

Olly’s vocals reminded us a little of the Skater Rock style of singing – just a touch snarly and nasal, which fit this track particularly well. The vocals are layered in the chorus with some lovely subtle harmonies. We feel that this is where his voice sounds the strongest – with the harmony vocals bolstering his lead perfectly.

A middle 8 leads into an exciting guitar solo that builds and builds into a stop before returning to the chorus. There are some great note choices and fast licks in the solo that are a true credit to Olly E’s musicianship.

From a production perspective, a wide boost centred around 300-400Hz would add some extra fullness to the sound. A large boost around 5kHz would add some presence and definition and another large high-shelf boost in the top octave would add some brightness and clarity.

Olly E is a passionate performer with a social conscience. An artist that is following his own true path and making music from the heart. We’re looking forward to hearing where his career progresses next.