We’ve been listening today to the solo project of an artist who goes by the name OneNamedPeter. OneNamedPeter is an artist (in every sense of the word) from Lewes, near Brighton, UK. His latest single, Vision, is out on 29 July 2022. We’ve been watching the video and listening to the track here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

OneNamedPeter is an artist who is very clearly inspired by artists such as David Bowie. OneNamedPeter is someone who (like many folk from the Brighton area) is very clearly following his own path.

With five albums to his name already, this self produced performer also creates the music videos himself to go hand in hand with the tracks.

Vision is a quirky and creative track about being captivated by beauty, but then making the mistake of trying to own and control it. Within the track, OneNamedPeter name checks numerous famous artists and reads almost like a “whos who” of the great artists throughout history. We like the line; “You made the Mona Lisa look like canvas and paint”

With lots of wah guitar and drums panning from side to side, this is a song that is truly creative and unique. There’s also lots of pizzicato strings, occasional tuned background vocals and some good use of congas.

Vocally, this feels like prose set to music. There isn’t a great deal of melody to the song, but there doesn’t need to be. There’s an effect on the vocals that makes them feel very 80s sounding.

We have a few mastering ideas; a wide boost centred around 75Hz would bring the low end more in line with the rest of the track. There is however a peaking frequency in the bass around 145Hz so a little notch out here would control this sound a little better. A cut around 2.5kHz would reduce some harsh frequencies throughout. A shelf boost from around 3kHz upwards would add some brightness but a notch out around 6.5 – 7kHz would be necessary in order to avoid boosting the sibilance in the voice too much. After the EQ, a light compressor with some make-up gain would increase the warmth of the track and add some volume which would bring the track more in line with other commercial releases.

With mellow, dream pop vibes and a nod to art pop, Vision is a very interesting and unique piece of art.