ONLY BRICKS – Smile, It’s Over:)

Santa Monica Indie Pop/Rock band, Only Bricks have released a banging new single, Smile Its Over. A highly radio friendly song about (we think) the vocalists last day at work.

Lyrically, this is really clever stuff. It raised many, many smiles here at Send Me Your Ears.

A lot of the lyrics are taken from the usual last day at work cliches that people say, but Only Bricks have turned them on their head; “please be a stranger”, “keep in touch at 1-800 suck it” and the title “Smile Its Over”.

This is commercial indie pop/rock at its very best. Like Girls Aloud should have been, or like Taylor Swift on a particularly angst-ridden day.

The song develops well from deliberately low-fi drums at the start, the first verse brings in harmonies half way through and then as the chorus comes in, the drums come into their own and take control of the song, pushing it forward all the way and making those catchy lyrics really pop.

Smile Its Over is a great example of an indie rock song that hasn’t made the classic mistake of making the guitars dominate the song. They are there, but they serve their purpose rather than being front and centre.

The production on this is very current, nice and loud, and the only thought I’d have is to raise the top 3 octaves just slightly to bring a little more life into the track and add some “air” and space.

All we can say is good luck to the writer. If you have just quit your day job, you’re on the right track. A very well produced song, with a superbly endearing and witty video to go with it. Great work!

We give this song five ears out of five