ONYRIA – Living The Lie

ONYRIA have just released a great new alt rock/ grunge track called “Living The Lie”. We got the chance to get our ears around it for review.

This song starts strongly. There’s no messing about here. This is going to be a powerful rock song. A slight nod to Black Sabbath in the early section of this song before the vocals come in, I was slightly reminded of Paranoid by the guitar riff.
This song has a supremely tight rhythm section with a lovely pop on the snare. The drums are well played and clearly carrying the song forward with confidence. I bet this artist is superb live!

The song moves along swiftly and with some real swagger. The guitar sound is spot on for this style of music and I like the rise and fall in the song – particularly the section of no drums that just builds and builds into a brief moment of silence until back into the full band sound.

Lyrically, this is a kind of non-conformist protest song. Something which is a strong message in these times.

Listening to the lead vocalist, she is clearly a very strong, passionate singer. Her use of twang and belt, together with some nice metallic timbre in her voice are perfect for this style of song and put me in mind of Evanescence, Paramore, etc.

To me, the song has a great backing that is let down by the production on the vocals. It sounds to me as if there’s little to no compression on the vocal track which means that her lower notes are getting lost. I can hear in the choruses (very catchy by the way) that she really does have a superb voice as she sings louder she’s easier to hear but she’s just lost in the lower range sections. I’d suggest more compression and some EQ adjustments to bring the voice forward and make it sit more prominently in the track. Maybe even layer/ double the vocals to add some edge.
In my opinion a boost to the top end of the spectrum will bring some life in to the track, some clarity to vocal, bite to guitar, and some overall brightness.

I really like this track. Its well written, well performed and hits the spot perfectly. I’m always a sucker for a good female metal vocalist and ONYRIA most definitely have that going on.

We give this track four ears out of five.