Paige Keiner and Spencer Jordan have teamed up to create a cheerful folk-pop track entitled “And Then You Die!”. We here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been taking a listen today.

And Then You Die! is a quirky, up-tempo track with some wonderfully tongue-in-cheek lyrics to brighten the darkest of days. It is a gentle reminder that you only live once and you might as well nejoy the ride. There are some really great lyrics in here, both about the humdrum of day-to-day life (“I’ve got a wedding every weekend for the rest of my life”) to the brilliant advice to enjoy your life (“don’t go saving all your money just to buy a better casket”). In the end… “nothing makes sense and then you die”.

The song starts with some gentle rhythm guitar. Paige’s warm and intimate vocals join the mix. Paige has some excellent tricks in her vocalist’s toolbox. Her head voice is just fragile enough to be endearing and charming and the breathiness adds some real depth and earnestness. She reminded us a little of Imogen Heap or perhaps Tori Amos with a hint of Nashville.

Although the song starts very gently, by the time you reach the chorus, it has progressed into a rousing and bouncy song with a real positive vibe with some fun rhythms and percussion.

Spencer joins the song in the second verse and leads the way. He has a very modern-sounding voice and it’s a nice change up for that all-important second verse interest.

The rise and fall in this track is superb. The dynamic soundscape keeps the listener on their toes at all times and kept us intrigued and invested right to the last note. The layered vocals in the choruses are superb and we particularly like the harmonies – this is where Paige and Spencer really work well together. Both are very strong lead vocalists, but there’s some real magic when they harmonise.

From a production perspective, The mix on this song is great. A small EQ cut in the male vocal track at 550Hz would reduce the occasional ‘honky’ tone and a cut in the female vocal track around 1.8kHz to reduce some harshness in places. A small overall boost around 4kHz would increase the presence and definition in the track as a whole. As always, these are just some ideas from us and this is a superb track.

Paige Keiner and Spencer Jordan have created a thoroughly enjoyable folk-pop track here that delights your ears. It is extremely catchy and is one that we have no doubt will win them plenty more fans. More, please!