Performers on the Go, LLC, and Patty Duffey, CEO, have started a new library for sync song placements. The single, “There”, written by Patty Duffey crossed our desk here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today and we took a few listens.

‘There’ is a feel-good song about the importance of friendships. The importance in grade school of having a ‘BFF’ and sharing every life moment with them. ‘There’ has a real ‘teenage’ feel to it, and is a positive, bouncy and upbeat pop track.

‘There’ has a catchy chorus and is a perfect pop song length at just over 3 minutes long. Starting on acoustic guitar and piano with vocals provided by Amelia Earnshaw, this is a song that quickly develops into a full band sound that just explodes in your ears.

The drum track on ‘There’ is very bright and adds to the overall positivity of the song. We also like the occasional use of a tambourine to differentiate sections. ’There’ has lots of different sections, all of which could be used in the background of a TV show, and we see why this song is pitched for that purpose.

Amelia’s young-sounding voice is absolutely perfect for this BFF-feeling track. Hers is a voice with just the right amount of fragility and hope in it to make this song feel authentic. She has a superb head voice, together with a young-sounding nasal twang to the more powerful moments. The vulnerable sections portray an almost insecure feel – which suits the song perfectly. As you’d expect of a song written to suit this age of vocalist, the lower notes are just a touch weaker, giving rise to some great dynamics in the overall feel.

From a production perspective, we felt that a couple of small EQ cuts in the vocal track would really help it sit better in the mix. The first cut would be around 750Hz to reduce some occasional honky tones. The next would be in the 2-2.5kz range to reduce some slight harshness. The backing track is nice and bright and has a brilliant feel-good vibe throughout.

‘There’ is a song which bounces along and you cannot help but be swept up by the positivity of this teen-pop track. Reminding us just a touch of the effervescence of early Spice Girls, Patty Duffey and her team have created a wonderful ‘girl power’ pop song.