Paul Vinson – Drama Queen

Nashville based recording artist, Paul Vinson, has just released his latest single, Drama Queen, and we’ve been taking several listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Drama Queen is a song about the anxieties amidst relationship conflict and how Vinson says he blows things way out of proportion in his head. It’s a fun song that has a 90s rock feel to it with some touches of punk thrown in for good measure.

The song starts strongly with some great stereo guitars and develops quickly with vocals added and then bass and then full drum kit.

We particularly like the synth melodies in the background in the choruses, they lift the song and really add a fresh new dimension to the sound.

The 16 beat tambourine that is added later in the song adds a great touch too. All of these subtle changes and differences really help to maintain the listener’s interest and draw them into the song.

At just 3 minutes, this is a perfect radio friendly length track, and we feel it would be wise to pitch this to US college radio and internet rock stations.

There’s some superb rise and fall throughout the song, and by the time the chorus comes round for a second time, you find yourself singing along. This is really catchy stuff.

There’s a touch of Kings Of Leon in the raspy and twangy vocals and the Weezer influence is very clear in both the writing style and the performance.

There’s clearly been a lot of effort put in to producing this track which sits very nicely in our ears. For our own personal taste we’d suggest a boost at 60kHz to give the kick some extra thump. A boost around 350Hz will add some more fullness and warmth in that area. Consider a boost around 3-3.5kHz for some more definition and a boost of the top two octaves to add a little more air and presence into the track. Perhaps consider a wide boost centred around 1kHz in just the backing to make the track a little fuller when the vocals aren’t happening. These are just very slight alterations and of course, just our personal taste – this is an excellent track.

Drama Queen is a fun, positive sounding indie rock track that begs to be listened to. A very enjoyable and very catchy 3 minute blast of glam/pop/rock that will run around in your head for hours.