Sheffield (UK) duo, Perfectparachutepicture, release their latest single, It’s Broken, today (October 14, 2022) and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have had a chance to take a few listens over the past few days.

We absolutely love how the theme of the song matches the style of the playing. The song being about feeling helpless to help someone with a self destructive personality. It’s about the way that their personality rubs off on everyone around them and the whirlwind of disaster that such personalities create around them. The song has a very distinctive jolting stop-start feel to the riffs and this mirrors that feeling, and the broken relationships and damage that this personality disorder can create. This is a really clever way of linking the theme and the music style together.

The instrumental stabs sit well over the half-time feeling drums. Again, adding to the feeling that whilst the drums are the laid back people around the personality, the instrumentation is more frenetic.

The vocals are layered and reminded us in places of 90s grunge style vocal techniques. There’s some great use of harmonies in a few spots as well.

It sounds like the bass has been put through different filters and then panned left and right, giving it a really full sound. Obviously comparisons to Royal Blood here, but Perfectparachutepicture are most definitely creating their own sound.

There’s some great lyrics in this track that truly convey the helplessness of the person watching someone with a self-destructive personality “No one else is to blame – can’t you see?” and “we are disposable to you, you’ve broken everything”.

With regard to the production, what these guys have managed to achieve which such a limited line-up is quite extraordinary. There are a couple of things we feel would make a difference and would fill out the sound of the track a little more. Firstly, a hi-pass filter around 35Hz followed by a 4-5dB boost around 55Hz would remove some unnecessary information in the sub-bass area and increase the thump of the kick drum. This, coupled with a wider boost around 300Hz would make the whole track sound thicker and punchier. Finally, a boost in the top octave for some extra sheen and brightness overall.

An exciting new track from a duo who are clearly reaching for the stars and pushing forward with a powerful new sound. We’re looking forward to hearing what comes next!