perry lockwood – all i need is you

Hailing from Lawrence, US, Perry Lockwood has a new single out, All I Need Is You, and we’ve been taking several listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

If you’re a fan of Country crossover music then this track is most definitely for you. With a spoken word beginning that almost feels as though you’re about to hear a rap song, to a banjo infused verse to a 90s rock singalong chorus, this song effortlessly crosses genres whilst still remaining of interest to any fan firmly sticking to any one of the many different genre influences.

In the verses, the lead vocals and the style of the song feel very much like a page out of a Bon Jovi songbook. This is superb 80/90s feeling soft rock with more than just a hint of country.

The chorus is multi-layered with lots of extra vocals and added instrumentation. It almost feels as though Def Leppard have had an influence in the stylings of the layered vocals.

A great electric guitar solo, with a lovely tone and good choices of notes feels a little Lynyrd Skynyrd and whilst we recognise that we’re making many comparisons to other artists here, Perry Lockwood is most definitely producing music that has a style all of its own. The mark of a true artist is to be instantly recognisable, and we feel that Lockwood is just that.

A talented and comfortable performer, we watched a few videos of Lockwood live, and it’s very clear that he is someone who not only lives to be on stage, but who absolutely owns it when he is.

From a production perspective, this is well done. For our taste, the vocals in the chorus are just a little lost making it hard to discern the lyrics in places. A boost around 250-300Hz for some more warmth in that area, a cut around 2kHz to take out just a slight harshness and a boost of the top octave should make the vocals pop just a little more. Perhaps a few things to try, but overall this is a well produced track.

Perry Lockwood was a new name to us today, but having listened to All I Need Is You, we’re most definitely going to be watching his career closely. His music has leanings towards many of the artists and styles that we love and his attitude and character come through with great passion in his performance.