Peter Gural is an artist on a mission. His latest single, Best I’ve Ever Had, has been in our ears today, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

Peter describes himself as someone who lost himself to substance abuse in his twenties and is now working his way back to finding the kid that he lost years ago. His intention with his songs is to help others find their way back to themselves too, and judging by the charming and inspiring song we’ve just been introduced to, Peter is most definitely on the right track.

The song starts with a kind of phone conversation, but then quickly moves into a truly upbeat 80s/retro feeling track that is catchy as hell. The vocals have an almost electronic, synth-like feel to them, but this doesn’t detract from their message and then quality of the song. In fact, it truly enhances it and everything gels together nicely to make this song a real head nodder.

The harmonies in Best I’ve Ever Had are superb, coming and going to add emphasis in all the right places and being just enough to make the lead vocal sound even more exciting.

The chord sequence in this track is very cool and unusual, making for an interesting listening experience which keeps you on your toes and thoroughly maintained our ears for several listens.

The middle 8 is superb and the whole song is really well structured. We particularly liked the cool break down at around 2m15s which sounded a little like a fake ending.

The chorus on the guitars gives the whole track a dreamy, retro, almost surf rock feel. The repeated chorus at the end has good development with added rhythm guitar and later some guitar riffs thrown in. With a stinger ending and a very radio friendly length this track has all the elements needed for a real summer hit.

The composition and production on this track are outstanding. In our opinion, no adjustments are needed. However, for a little more presence overall, you could boost a little in the high mids centred around 4-4.5kHz. A tiny shelf boost in the top octave would add to the brightness too and bring out the ‘zing’ of the ride cymbal. Personally we think a small cut around 550-600Hz in the vocal track would balance it out a bit too. Once again, it needs nothing and we really enjoyed listening to this one.

Peter Gural’s, Best I’ve Ever Had is a wonderfully retro feeling passionate song from an artist that deserves a huge stage. We can’t wait to hear more from this talented US singer-songwriter.