London (UK) artist PolSky, has just released their latest single, Halcyon Daze, and for lovers of creative, synth heavy retro pop, we strongly urge you to stop what you’re doing and take a listen to this dance floor instant hit. We here at the Send Me Your Ears studio absolutely loved this track and gave it several thoroughly enjoyable listens before sitting down to let you guys know about it!

Halcyon Daze grabs you from the second it starts. With powerful synth bass and exciting rhythms, this creative track ticks every single box for anyone who loved the 80s!

Vocally exceptional, this track feels as though it could have been sung by Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters). This is an expert performance with highly controlled falsetto vocals. There are other moments that we were reminded of Robert Smith (The Cure), Elbow, or perhaps a few nods in the direction of Duran Duran.

There’s always a lot happening in this track, and although it was slightly longer than the average radio single, it absolutely maintained our interest for its entirety. We love the cool syncopated rhythm and the sudden change up in pace reminded us of OMD.

This a bright and clear song with lots of different sections. We particularly liked the octave jumping disco bass and the highly creative stops that just make you want to burst into dance the moment the track powers back in after them.

The breakdown is a great touch too. There’s some superb separation between the synth and guitars here. We love how this just builds and builds.

The counter vocal melody at the end, panned left, is a superb touch and helps to maintain interest even more. It reminded us of the end of the Communards, Don’t Leave Me This Way. The song ends on just synth and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll hit replay without a second thought.

The production in the track is really something; it keep the listener engaged throughout with plenty of development, variation, cool effects and stereo panning. To our ears a small but wide EQ boost right across the middle would give the track a little more fullness and maybe a small cut around 9kHz to reduce a slight occasional peak there. The track doesn’t ‘need’ anything, we enjoyed it from start to finish and we cannot wait to hear more from this highly skilled and talented act.

Track of the day for us, PolSky’s, Halcyon Daze, is a stunning retro feeling dance track that will appeal to music fans across the board. An absolutely compelling track song with every element needed to make this a dance floor hit.