Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from London UK band, PolSky. Song for the Silver Surfer was released on 24th February 2023 and is a superb indie rock/ Britpop feel to it.

We previously reviewed PolSky’s single, Halcyon Daze, which we described as “a stunning retro feeling dance track that will appeal to music fans across the board” so we were super-excited to see them reach the top of our reviews pile again today.

It’s always great to hear an artist display their versatility and PolSky have absolutely impressed us here today with this charming indie rock ballad. Song For The Silver Surfer reflects on the pains of losing love in your Autumnal years and focuses in on the question, “How will we end up dating when we’re older?” It is a song which both laments the ageing process but also offers great optimism for the future.

Another thing we love about PolSky is their ability to describe their music and their ethos perfectly. So many artists describe themselves as “the newest… the most exciting… genre-crossing… diverse” etc, etc, and it takes a rare breed of musician to come up with something fresh. PolSky says of themselves, “Picture a hungover Blur, Jarvis Cocker and Divine Comedy reminiscing on times past over cups of tepid tea in a seaside greasy spoon café owned by the London Symphony Orchestra and you’ll start to get the vibe…” One of the best band biographies we’ve seen in a while!

Song For The Silver Surfer has a lovely Britpop, Blur-like feel. There are definitely some touches of Damon Albarn in the vocals – perhaps a touch of Suede too.

An electronic drumbeat and some gentle piano chords lead you into the song before the rest of the band joins the mix. The song builds into some gorgeous layered vocal sections in the chorus and the melodic bass playing and strings help to create builds and tension. The rise and fall within this track kept our interest easily throughout, and we were more than ready to hit replay when it finished.

A whistle solo is a bold choice, but it’s performed over some lush piano chords and the sound of children singing in the distance and feels like it could be a real singalong (or whistle-along!) section at a live show.

We should point to the music video that accompanies this track. An absolutely heartwarming jaunt from a “silver surfer” who appears to be having the time of his life, jumping off of things, skateboarding and dancing like no one is watching. It’s just lovely and really added to our enjoyment of the track.

As with their previous track, the production on Song For The Silver Surfer is outstanding and made this the most enjoyable listen here in the studio.

PolSky’s, Song For The Silver Surfer is, quite simply, a masterclass in songwriting, production and musicianship. Fans of Britpop and 90s indie pop/rock will fall in love with this track – especially if they are of a certain age!