Anthemic Indie Dance merchants ‘PolSky’ take a break from producing guitar-saturated indie dance bangers and return with downtempo ballad ‘Song for the Silver Surfer’ – the third single from their upcoming debut album (set for release May 2023).

Musing on the pains of losing love in your Autumnal years, and specifically; how will we end up dating when we’re older? ‘Song for the Silver Surfer’ laments the aging process whilst offering optimism of love still yet to come. Taking inspiration from orchestral downtempo pop of the early 00s, with forlorn indolence PolSky sings “These are the silver surfer days, I’ll silver surf my winter days away”.

Picture a hungover Blur, Jarvis Cocker and Divine Comedy reminiscing on times past over cups of tepid tea in a seaside greasy spoon café owned by the London Symphony Orchestra and you’ll start to get the vibe…

Song for the Silver Surfer official video is directed by award-winning music video director Jamie Thraves (Radiohead, The Verve, Blur) who says: “I was approached to do this video and loved the concept from the outset. I knew we could make something sombre yet uplifting with the subject matter, PolSky are also a band I’ve been aware of for a while through industry friends so it was a pleasure to produce this piece of work with them”.
PolSky lead singer Kris Warren sees himself and fellow artists as contemporary narrators providing the only reliable social commentary of our times, noting;
“Silver Surfer and the album were written in response to recent times when existential anxiety and the idea of death have been lurking uneasily in our peripheral thoughts, with the message that once we find ways to acknowledge and accept these fears, we can take back control and start to re-write our futures.”

Song for the Silver Surfer follows Polsky’s popular and heavily remixed Indie-dance singles ‘100 Million Ways to Die’ and ‘Halcyon Daze’.

Halcyon Daze grabs you from the second it starts. With powerful synth bass and exciting rhythms, this creative track ticks every single box for anyone who loved the 80s!

Vocally exceptional, this track feels as though it could have been sung by Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters). This is an expert performance with highly controlled falsetto vocals. There are other moments that we were reminded of Robert Smith (The Cure), Elbow, or perhaps a few nods in the direction of Duran Duran.

There’s always a lot happening in this track, and although it was slightly longer than the average radio single, it absolutely maintained our interest for its entirety. We love the cool syncopated rhythm and the sudden change up in pace reminded us of OMD.

The band’s forthcoming debut album is slated for May 2023 and just like this current single, is inspired by dystopian aspects of our lives, throwbacks to alternative ways of living and social commentary. It’s ‘a collection of Indie, Pop, Rock sensibilities influenced by corporate zombies, elderly love affairs, brain function, mid-noughties video game addiction and the human obsession with shouting louder than everyone else’.
PolSky was formed by Kris Warren, a songwriter and music producer whose career began under the wing of Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie. Paying close attention to production and writing techniques from the likes of Echo and the Bunnymen, Terry Hall, Nick Lowe and others, Kris began to formulate his own unique offering and during the noughties joined agit-pop group BiB on guitar, refining his stagecraft on the London live circuit, culminating in a UK tour with The XX Teens, and an NME single of the week.
PolSky is part of a wider ‘PolSky Corp’ – a self-proclaimed “band of the people, by some people” which has evolved into an active pop band Corporation, with business attributes and the appointment of an executive board; Senior Synth Architect, Ben Warn (keyboards); Rhythm Logistics Engineer, Alex Robertson (drums); and Low-Frequency Systems Analyst, Chris Norman (bass). Or to put it more succinctly; “PolSky are Consciously Corporate C**ts with an Aciiiid Smile”.
Join POLSKY. Embrace their manifesto. Live their ethos. Dance their dance. PolSky encourage fellow artists and producers of all backgrounds to join their movement!