Prove You Wrong – So It Begins

Arizona (US) based, Prove You Wrong have just released their latest single, So It Begins. We’ve been taking a long listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.
Prove You Wrong is the solo project of Alex Munoz; a multi/instrumentalist & singer/songwriter from Yuma Arizona. Having worked with many different artists over the years, Munoz decided during lock down to work on some solo projects. Prove You Wrong is the result of that down time and appears to be a project that he is supremely comfortable with.

So many artists are re-thinking their position since Covid and it seems that Munoz is no different in that respect. He is joined by Doug Feasel on drums, Alex Munoz Jr on Vocals, Guitars, & Bass on So It Begins.

So It Begins builds well at the start with a repeated guitar riff that builds and builds as other instruments are added.
The layered guitar riffs are well executed and with some great panning. We liked the fun funky moment on the guitar just before the vocals come in!

We’re reminded a little of late Black Sabbath in the lead vocals and when the song has some nicely placed harmony vocals added, it was a little reminiscent of the Scorpions.

The musicianship on this track is impressive. Each instrumentalist is clearly very skilled and we were particularly enamoured with the drummer – some really superb fills here. The guitar solo was also very skilfully executed.

So It Begins really keeps the listener on their toes in a couple of places – we liked when the song goes up a tone – it really served to add some tension and excitement to the track.

From a scoring perspective, we feel it would have been nice to hear a little more upfront lead guitar to fill the gaps in the vocals – especially in the choruses – this would help with a little more definition between sections.

Production-wise; a boost around 300Hz in the master to fill some gaps in the low mids and a tiny cut around 3kHz to alleviate a little harshness in the guitars at the point might be worth trying. A boost of the top 2 octaves would also add a little more air and brightness to the track.

With a nice stinger ending, So It Begins may be the kind of track that would work for a sync deal. We can picture it being in the background – perhaps on the juke box in a bar scene.

There’s something very special about the musicianship on this track that makes us feel that these guys would be a great act to see performing live. Whilst we know that for the moment this is a studio project, it feels as though something that should hit the road and pick up some fans from a live show.

Prove You Wrong are a lively hard rock act who have produced a mesmerising track in their latest single, So It Begins. We would expect to hear a great deal more from this class act and look forward to following their progress.