Wow. What wonderful songwriting from Pylon Heights with their latest single, VHS. Fantastic, thought provoking lyrics “I’ve been hungry since Tuesday, but eaten more than I have ever done. Maybe I’m not hungry for the food on my tongue”.

I love how there’s no distracting incidental fills between these soul-baring lyrics, giving the listener plenty of time to digest and try to comprehend just how much emotional pain the vocalist is bringing to the table.

This reminds me of First Aid Kit, Pierces, or Feist.

Just a really intimate, raw, first person account of a break up. I got visible goosebumps at 1m23 where the song develops into a more full band sound rather than just the intimate guitar and vocals it starts on.

The song develops well throughout and maintained my interest by cheekily rising and falling like an emotional rollercoaster leaving me drained (in a good way!) by the end.

Photo credits: Heather Reeson, Jon Sandman, Christopher Crowther

Instrumentally, very well played, vocally pure class.

I did feel that as instruments were added, the lead vocals got a little lost. A handful of slight changes to the overall production would, in my opinion, take this track from great to World Class.

A little hall reverb overall would add space and air without sacrificing the intimacy of the vocals, and a reduction in the mid – high mid in the overall track to make the frequencies more balanced and smooth.

Whilst standing at 5m30s this probably isn’t a commercial air play track, it still managed to grip me throughout that is extremely relatable, superbly written and well performed. I simply cannot wait to hear more from this artist.

I give this track 4 ears out of 5