Hailing from Switzerland, Quantum are a 5 piece alt rock band with some serious attitude. Their latest single, Desperate(ly) was in our ears today at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

Desperate(ly) is a plea to humanity to abandon egoism and opportunism. It’s about people’s desperate need for more in their lives.

With punishing, relentless drums, heavy guitar riffs and vocals bursting with attitude, this track is sure to please fans of European Hard Rock.

The song starts and builds excitement immediately. Getting busier and increasing in volume, you know you’re in for an incredible 3 1/2 minutes.

Reminiscent in places of The Vanden Plas, Desperate(ly) is a frenzy of powerful melodic metal.
Desperate(ly) is an extremely well composed piece of music with meaningful lyrics and expert musicianship. We are thoroughly impressed.

One thing we notice that Quantum do particularly well in this song is their use of rise and fall to indicate an extraordinary dynamic range in the space of just 3 and a half minutes. Desperate(ly) makes great use of silences and ranges widely from heavy metal vocal to more gentle but still powerful vocals in the verses. In places there are doubled vocals which serve to increase the power and message in the track very well.

We absolutely must draw attention to the sublime drumming skills here. Well recorded, mixed in well, but more importantly, an astounding performance and a masterclass in double kick pedal work.

Finishing off with a superb metal vocal scream to rival the likes of Number of the Beast, Won’t Get Fooled again or anything by Cochise, Desperate(ly) leaves you in no doubt you have been in the presence of some immensely talented musicians. The stinger ending leaves you wanting more and we seriously hope to review future work from Quantum, this is right up our street.

From a production perspective (and obviously just our own thoughts), we’d suggest that the song is a little heavy in the mids and upper mids and lacking a little in the mid-high mids. A wide boost of the low mids centred around 160Hz will help add a little more meat to the guitars where we felt just a little fullness was missing. A big boost across the top three octaves, focussed around 10kHz will add some brightness to the entire track, but particularly the drums and vocals.

We’re blown away by the musicianship of Quantum, undoubtedly a band to experience in a live situation, their latest single, Desperate(ly), is a powerful melodic metal anthem that will take your breath away and leave you eagerly searching for more of their music and tour dates!

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