Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Quiet Tongues. She’s Velvet is the band’s third single from their forthcoming debut EP, due for release later this year.

Quiet Tongues are Seth Tonkin (guitar and lead vocals), Jack Ewins (guitar and backing vocals), Daniel Nunan (bass and backing vocals), Domokos Wootsch (drums, and backing vocals). Together, they are making music that challenges genres and eras of music.

With patches of the song sounding straight from 80s pop/punk/new wave/ mod – think The Jam, whilst other sections take on a 90s rock, almost grunge, feel.

She’s Velvet comes in with a full band sound straight away, grabbing your attention for what promises to be an exciting journey. We absolutely loved the pull-off licks on the guitar fills, making for an interesting earworm to last throughout the day.

The changes in rhythms throughout the song help to maintain the listener’s interest and the layered vocals are a great touch too.

A guitar solo, with some great effects and tones, fills your ears about halfway through the track and reminded us very much of Lenny Kravitz’s style of playing.

The use of a tambourine towards the end adds some extra excitement. It is clear that Quiet Tongues have put plenty of thought into making sure their listener is thoroughly engaged throughout the track. It’s less than two and a half minutes long, and the band somehow manage to really pack it all into this brief punk-length number.

Ideas from our ears

Some extra thickness could be achieved with a boost around 50Hz to enhance the thump of the kick drum. Another boost around 250-300 for added warmth. A high shelf boost in the top 2 octaves would increase the overall brightness and presence too. There is plenty of top end in the vocal track but the drum track could use a boost, particularly in the very top octave. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Quiet Tongues, She’s Velvet, is their third single from the forthcoming debut EP. It is a promising debut from a genre-crossing band we’ll most definitely be keeping an eye on. We urge you to check them out on Spotify.