Randy Beth – run

We were thrilled to hear the sounds of Randy Beth’s latest single in our ears today at the Send Me Your Ears studio.
This young, New York artist is on a fantastic trajectory with her music and writing and we’re very excited to be invited to review her early work. We expect Randy Beth to be someone that we’re going to be hearing a lot more of in the coming months and years.

Randy’s biography is sparse, as it would be for a relatively new artist, but we managed to glean a couple of things. Randy gives the impression that she has been performing covers for quite some time, but now finally is finding the courage to put her own music out there. We can’t thank her enough for sharing her emotional journey of discovery. The subject matter of Run is about a child’s desire to find love, but having had no real experience of it, she searches for it in all the wrong places. This is a classic tale from those of us who grew up without the right parental support. Perhaps we’re wrong, but this feels like an anthem for children who fall through the cracks and we applaud Randy for her courage in raising her feelings.

The instrumentation throughout this poppy/R&B number is electronic, with programmed drums and electronic synths and keys as well as a little guitar. The song progresses well with gentle instrumentation and added keys as the song moves along. To a large extent though, the instrumentation simply doesn’t matter. Randy Beth’s voice could have carried this entire song as an a capella number.

Randy has a lovely breathy voice with well controlled vibrato and a spectacularly well controlled head voice. The strength and passion in the powerful notes shows some great use of both twang and belt techniques and if Randy hasn’t taken singing lessons then this is an astounding natural talent. The versatility in her voice is a joy to behold.

At times, a gentle and perfectly placed harmony vocal accompanies the lead. It sits well in the mix and has excellent reverbs and stereo.

For an early career work, this really is quite astounding. The production is of a high class with the vocals being front and centre and well recorded, mixed and produced.

Randy Beth has produced a graceful and heartwrenching performance in this, her second single. Randy Beth shows a maturity in her lyric writing way beyond her years; “buried in the silence, come up empty every time” and we urge you take a listen and get in on the ground so you can, like us, say you were one of the first to hear her music.