Redrum Society -Stormy Weather

If you’re looking for a fresh new sound, reminiscent of Santana but without the lengthy guitar solos, look no further than Redrum Socieity’s new single, Stormy Weather.
Despite the subject matter being a little on the depressing side (inspired by a verbally abusive relationship), Stormy Weather is one of those empowering “all rise” songs that just makes you want to get up and dance.

Stormy Weather has a unique and interesting start, some great development with lots of different sections to maintain interest throughout this radio friendly, stinger ending, Indie Rock track.

If at any point the melody of a vocal line is repeated, another instrument is added (for example some lovely use of arpeggiated strings).

I like the chorused chromatic runs that sit with minimal instrumentation (just tampbourine) that just flow effortlessly, building and building the tension before exploding into next section.

There’s some lovely spots where additional vocals come in just in the left hand side that help to add to a real euphoric feel. Its almost as though the writer was working through the situation that created the song and the eventual outcome was a fantastically positive finger in the air to the abuser.

In places reminding me of Prince on vocals and throughout the song I was reminded of Santana with Rob Thomas – Smooth.

This is a really full sounding track with great use of stereo. It totally maintains interest throughout.

From a production point of view, I’d consider a little dip around 4-5kHz to remove some harshness in the track – especially in the snare, and I’d give a very slight dip in the low mids to mitigate a very slightly boxy/ muddy feel in places.
I absolutely love this track. Positive energy from a negative subject matter is something that always draws me in, and the writing, performance and production really are superb. Great job!