The debut single from Birmingham (UK) based Resting Bitch Face was in our ears today, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio. Female and non-binary printed, Resting Bitch Face comprises of primarily members of the LGBTQ+ community, all of which are students of the world-renowned Academy of Contemporary Music in Birmingham.

BYOB is a satirical look at the sitting Conservative Government’s handling of the ‘Partygate’ scandal and Cost of Living crisis, along with its long-standing treatment of refugees and immigrants.

With that information, it is hardly surprising that this is a short, heavily political song, with various soundbites throughout of Boris Johnson saying daft things and making heady promises. This punky female fronted band truly mean business with their debut single.

Vocally, it has some “shouty” moments, as you would expect for an angry political punk song. The heavy electric guitar sits well and the bass does what a bass does – holds everything together.

We took the time to watch Resting B!tch Face’s live video on YouTube as well. Man, this band are on a mission. With the confidence of a band that have been on the road for years, Resting B!tch Face look as though they won’t stop until World domination is on the cards! And what a great band name!!

We absolutely HAVE to take a moment to commend the drumming from Jackson. This is breakneck speed, pinpoint accuracy with some spectacular fills, nonchalantly pulled off as if they were born drumming. Seriously, listen to this!

A great half time section towards the end gives the drummer a slight breather, and the listener a change of pace. This is a very creative moment in a well written and well performed song.

Aside from a little extra brightness which can be achieved with a wide boost across the high mids and highs centred around 9kHz this song sounds absolutely amazing! We loved the sound bites at the start and end especially with the extreme doppler effect being added to make BoJo’s voice sound like it is taking a nose-dive! Which of course he now has. Perhaps he was listening?!!

A “balls on the floor” offering from a very talented young Queercore pop-punk band. Resting B!tch Face have created a debut single that will no doubt win them many new fans. Great stuff!