Rich Chambers, of Vancouver, has released a great new track; “I Wonder.”

This is a simple dance-around-the-room type song which is performed well. This isn’t a songwriters song – there’s nothing complicated happening, but it is most certainly a feel good, well executed example of Canadian soft rock/rock n roll.
Vocally, I was a little reminded of Tragically Hip. The overall feel of the song was a little Undertones.

As soon as this song starts, you know you’re in for a good time. The building intro lets you know that its going to be a cool song!
I like the almost punky, ska-like feel on the rhythm guitar and the repeated fills on the “lead” guitar all serve to make the song memorable. The harmonica, whilst simple, adds to that feel good feeling and I can see this as being a song that’s on the playlist at parties!

I’m particularly drawn into the drumming. Great, confident and with a smacking snare that really drives the song forward.

From my own perspective, a few production changes I’d make; a low shelf on the master would bring out bass and kick a little more, as well as a high shelf to bring out zing of the cymbals and high hats. There’s also some very ride moments that are a little lost in this range and could do with just a little boost to bring them out. A wide high-mid boost will bring out more bite in the guitars and make this track pop even more!

All in all a fun, feel good song that jumps along. Great catchy chorus with well placed backing vocals. Everything about this is full on energy. Great stuff!

We give this song 4 ears out of 5