We were absolutely thrilled to see Rich Chambers reach the top of our reviews pile today with his latest song, You’re a Nice Guy But…. We reviewed Rich earlier this year with his song, I Wonder, and this latest single, released on August 12 is confirmation that Chambers most definitely has his own style of music that is becoming instantly recognisable.

Starting with a quick drum fill (the smacking snare again is absolutely gorgeous), you’re straight into an out and out rock ’n roll/ country rock song.

When the vocals come in, you realise that this is a song that isn’t about melodies. It’s about the lyrics… and those lyrics had us laughing out loud on several occasions throughout the song. They’re almost spoken word (but with some super catchy chorus melodies with great stereo in the backing vocals) and they tell the story of endless conquests that ended with the vocalist ending up in the “friend zone”. We love the last line; “welcome to the friend zone, we’ve all been there too many times”.

The opening line; “Dumped again. My heart ripped apart like a condom on rug night.” Honestly… this tells you everything you need to know about how the song is going to go, and reminded us a little of the start of Nickleback’s , Figured You Out. (“I like your pants around your feet”). The scene is instantly well and truly painted. The clever turn around of the last verse reminded us of Always The Last To Know by Del Amitri.

The panned guitars keep the song interesting and funky, and the hammond/organ fills out the sound nicely. There’s a superb rock blues guitar solo in the middle of the track which was high quality with some great tone on the guitar.

This song is recorded and mixed really well and in our opinion just needs a little EQ balancing. A boost in the lows centred around 90Hz would help bring the kick and bass up a little and give the track more punch and body. The tuning of the snare is a little dominant so a surgical cut at 230Hz would bring this under control a bit. A small cut centred around 600Hz would reduce some honky tones. A boost centred around 3kHz would give the track more presence and character and finally a high shelf boost in the top octave for a little more ‘zing’. A light compressor with a couple of dBs of make up gain would be great too!

We absolutely love this latest single from Rich Chambers. Smooth Canadian rock with more than a touch of lyrics that the likes of Kevin Fowler would be proud of. Great stuff!