Rocket Horse – Kryptonite

We have a new (to us) artist in our ears today at the Send Me Your Ears studio. Rocket Horse have just released a new song entitled Kryptonite.

Rocket Horse are the combination of Brian Myk; lyrics and melodies and Peter Cleff; Instrumentation and Vocals. An interesting project formed in 2021, Rocket Horse are based in the U.S. and South Africa. Isn’t the internet wonderful!?

Kryptonite starts on low pass drums that slowly fade in to a full band sound. Some real Classic Rock instrumentation at the start of the song with a catchy electric guitar riff that repeats.

Instrumentally feeling a little like a Scorpions number, Kryptonite surprised us when the vocals come in. Turning the track in a totally different direction, the vocals are a twangy, raspy, gravel and most definitely Country sound. It was unexpected to say the least. We’re always suckers for genre cross over songs, so we settled in for the ride.

We have to give particular kudos to the drummer on this track. The drums are played well and with some very creative and interesting fills. The toms work was particularly appealing to us.

There’s a couple of lovely guitar solos in the track. The solo to fade was especially interesting and had some touches of late Lynyrd Skynyrd. A great tone and some quality note choices. The musicianship throughout the song is superb.

The vocals in Kryptonite are backed in many places by some gorgeous and lush backing harmonies that sit well and don’t dominate.

Rocket Horse has a great deal of promise and we’re very keen to hear how this duo progress. We wish them well.