We’re always excited when Romain Gutsy reaches the top of our reviews pile here at the Send Me Your Ears studio. Today we’re listening to his latest single, The Girl From Kerry, and we love it!

The Girl From Kerry starts with some gentle nature sounds that lull you into the belief that this is going to be a calm and peaceful ballad, perhaps. Gutsy’s vocals and a gentle strummed guitar join the mix and then the song builds with double bass and some banjo fills. Gutsy’s voice is gruff and gravelly and is just perfect for this style of folk song. To paint a picture – his voice sounds like Shane MacGowan with a French accent. It is delightful and charming. We absolutely love the humour in the lyrics and his self-deprecating attitude towards some of the slightly corny rhymes.

The Girl From Kerry is a sad song, lyrically, which simply doesn’t have a hint of sadness to it! In Gutsy’s own words “song which will lead you dancing with a beloved ghost in Ireland” and that’s the fun of it.

At about a minute and twenty seconds into the track, it takes on a totally different feel. Gone are the slow and mournful lines, replaced with a skiffle-like trad jazz section that just lifts your soul.

Some gorgeous incidental keys riffs, harmonies and some glorious trombone join the mix and you could be mistaken for thinking you’re sat at a Chris Barber concert! The scatting from Gutsy is a wonderful touch that adds a truly authentic trad jazz feel to the song.

From a production perspective, we felt that a small cut in the mids around 500-700Hz would reduce the occasional slightly honky tone and a high shelf boost set around 3kHz would increase the brightness. To our ears, these small adjustments would balance the overall song out just right. In addition, a light compressor/limiter and around 5dB of make up gain would add some extra warmth and bring the overall volume up a little too.

We absolutely loved the humour in this track. The Girl From Kerry is a thoroughly enjoyable listen throughout that has some fine moments of both wit and musicianship, all melded into one superbly fun song that will raise a smile on even the darkest of days.