Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to Roots Asylum’s latest single, Golden Hearts, released January 6, 2023.

Roots Asylum are a Michigan (US) based band. Golden Hearts is a wistful song about a lost friendship. Starting with the lyric, “I know we’re over now” and the sentiment continues through the song. None of us gets through life without experiencing the loss of a good friend. This song takes you back to the moments in your life you spent with your friend, the joy and the struggle. It gives the listener something special to recall about that person who is still in our hearts.

Golden Hearts hits you straight away with the full band sound. A country/Americana feeling track which we have no doubt will delight fans of Roy Orbison, with both the overall feel and the lead vocalist leaning in Orbison’s direction. We love the occasional harmonies which add an extra dimension to the track and fill out the sound beautifully. Golden Hearts has a definite nod to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, in its upbeat rhythms and melodies.

There are some lovely little simple fills on electric guitar, which give the song an authentic feel and the two guitar solos are filled with country licks and a touch of rockabilly. The second solo takes the listener to the end of the song.

Golden Hearts has a familiar chord progression with the occasional unexpected chord thrown in to keep the listener engaged. We feel this may be a good track to send to be considered for a sync licensing agreement for background in a TV show.

Ideas from our ears

A couple of cuts in the low mids around 200Hz and 250Hz would reduce some ‘muddy’ tones. Also, a little extra thickness and volume could be achieved with a light compressor/limiter and around 4dB of make-up gain. As always these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Fans of Roy Orbison and the Travelling Wilburys will no doubt warm to Root’s Asylum’s latest single, Golden Hearts. The song serves up some melancholy lyrics, whilst maintaining a positive and bouncy rhythm throughout.