We previously reviewed Roxercat’s debut single, Pearls, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio so we were keen to hear where the band have progressed to with their latest single, I Changed Today.

WOW! That’s all we can say! I Changed Today is such a massive step up from the previous track. Don’t get us wrong – we still thoroughly enjoyed Pearls, but this new track is on a whole new level. It feels to us that perhaps, as a Nashville-based band, they felt that their debut single was intentionally slightly country-tinged. This latest offering from them is an exceptionally strong blues-rock track that utterly delighted us.

Lyrically, this is a positive-feeling track of self-development. “I changed today when you weren’t looking”.

Reminding us vocally of Ann Wilson (Heart), this is a song that feels at the start as though it is going to take on a similar feel to Heart’s superb track, Magic Man. There’s more to it than that though. We love the combination of blues-rock guitar together with some highly creative organ.

There are some wonderfully unexpected choices of notes in the backing harmonies of this track. They really help maintain interest and are perfect choices. We also loved the sections of guitar and bass in unison. Everything about this track displays veteran performers at the peak of their game.

The bass guitar is funky and melodic. I Changed Today includes an exhilarating bright bass solo that then leads into a guitar solo that Stevie Ray Vaughn would be proud of. The musicianship from all of the performers on this track is outstanding. The kick drum is beautifully thumpy and powerful in the mix.

The verses are percussive and interesting and there’s some fantastic dynamic rise and fall in the track, making for a song that makes you want to hit replay immediately. A couple of times we were reminded of Johnny Lang’s style of blues rock – especially in the use of background organ.

I Changed Today has displayed the strength and versatility of the musicians in Roxercat. This is a song that could put them up there with some of the greatest female-fronted blues rock bands of our time. Joanne Shaw Taylor is going to need to up her game to stay ahead!