Rufusking – Motel Stardust

This song has a 70s Doors/ Eagles feel to it. I am particularly impressed with the subtle backing harmonies – just right and not too prominent. They serve well to make the lead vocal stronger, rather than dominate as their own line. I love the Spanish guitar style breakdown. Very well chosen and I like the build back in afterwards, although I felt it could have built more. I wasn’t 100% sold on the vocals when I first listened but the whole song grew on me as it developed.

The song sounds to me like something that you might find in a Tarantino movie soundtrack! It doesn’t feel like something just released. It has that beautiful character that you don’t find in so many modern songs. It has rise and fall – a big plus for me. I wasn’t overly sold on the lyrics in places but the overall feel of the song carried itself well enough for me to forgive.

On second listen I found myself singing along so perhaps the predictability of the chorus lyrics wasn’t such a bad thing!

This one’s a “grower”. I wasn’t instantly drawn in but found it was still in my head later in the day!

I give this 3 ears out of 5