Reno (US) based artist, SamKing, has just released his latest single, Close 2 You, and we’ve taken a few listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

SamKing is an artist who freely admits he is a bedroom producer. Relatively new to the scene and hoping to make some waves, SamKing has recognised (earlier than many artists!) that simply uploading your music to Spotify doesn’t make you a hit.

SamKing is clearly putting the work in, a professional video is in the making for this track, and he’s reached out to us and many other curators for opinion. This is a really promising attitude and one which we thoroughly admire.

In his own words; “The song encapsulates how much I value my relationships with those closest to me, and how nothing else in the world matters except for looking out for my own “tribe” — just because we all share a common human experience doesn’t mean that we’re all family. It’s a very protective song that begs the question, “What wouldn’t you do for your loved ones?””

Close 2 You comes straight in with some dreamy electric guitar and lots of layered vocals. Electric drums join the mix at around 1 minute in and throughout the song we’re treated to lots of different filters on the vocals and some really experimental synth sounds (especially during the breakdown).

The mono into stereo sections work well and serve to separate out each different part of the song, and at 3 minutes 15, you’re looking at a “fit for radio” length track. It may be an idea for SamKing to approach local college radio to begin working on getting some airplay and building a fanbase.

The repeated guitar riff throughout works well and the song has a pleasant and interesting melody. This really is a good example of bedroom pop/shoegaze/dreampop.

Overall, this is a promising track from a self-confessed bedroom producer. The instrumentation and effects used maintain interest throughout the song and the catchy melody feels more and more familiar as the song progresses. To our ears, a small and wide boost across the high mids and highs would add to the brightness but is not necessary in order to still thoroughly enjoy the track.

SamKing is an artist who is at the start of a promising career. We look forward to what the future holds!