San Reetam – Under A Moon

We’re inundated with some really unique and interesting debut singles here at the Send Me Your Ears studio at the moment. Today we’ve been taking a listen to San Reetam’s neo soul track, Under A Moon.

Under A Moon is a soaring track which rises and falls almost like a musical theatre track. The builds in particular in the song reminded us very much of something that Andrew Lloyd Webber could have been involved in.

The song that explores themes of reflecting on past relationships, emotional maturity and the self-questioning we go through, sometimes even years later.

Intermingled throughout with some gentle and soulful tenor sax lines from Eve Lesedi, Under A Moon moves along gently, often times feeling like it would make a great theme tune to a movie. With some gentle acoustic guitar and vibes, the track has minimal percussion throughout, but it doesn’t feel like its missing anything because of its absence. Some occasional percussion helps fill the sound in the more dramatic moments, as do some strings.

San Reetam’s vocalist, MDB, has an extremely versatile voice. Moments of soulfulness; James Taylor, even some Randy Crawford style vibrato! Later in the song, we caught some touches of Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam). We even felt reminded at times of 10cc’s “I’m Not In Love”. San brings whatever is needed to the mix to make the song work and he has some great tricks up his sleeve.

Whilst the tenor sax interplays with the vocals throughout, it does have a moment to shine as Eve takes a solo, panned slightly to the left in the mix. Personally we’d have liked to hear the solo a little higher in the mix, but who isn’t a sucker for a soulful tenor sax solo?

Sitting at just over 5 minutes long, this is a track which we feel would be best pitched for use in a TV show or movie. Radio music directors can be picky about lengths and this may just be a little too long to garner any significant commercial air play. We would however suggest BBC introducing and BBC radio Bristol, as well as more local and non-commercial stations to pick up a following.

From a production perspective, a boost around 160Hz would add some extra warmth and another boost around 3kHz would add some extra presence and definition throughout. A cut around 600Hz would reduce some honky tones as well and leave the track a little more balanced.

Under A Moon is a compelling debut song with some really unique flair and wonderfully soaring moments. It is an exciting song from an artist that we are very much looking forward to hearing more from in the future.