Sarah Reynolds has released a new, remixed version of her song, Wilderness.

This is a really commercial sounding song with very current styled production. The moment the vocals come in, you can tell that Sarah is a Billie Eilish fan, but still has every intention of paving the way as a force all of her own. The production style and intimate, minimal reverb on the vocals are spot on for that Eilish style that is so popular right now both among fans and producers alike.

I’m really drawn in by the subtlety of the guitar and bass in the verses. There doesn’t need to be any more than these instruments at this point and they carry the vocal perfectly.

When the drums and full band come in for the chorus, it makes you sit up and listen. The contrast between verse and chorus is superb and really serves to keep the listeners attention, and keep you on your toes – something which I love in a song.

Wilderness is a perfect, radio friendly length, as well as having the production qualities that are super-hot right now. I can see this being picked up by commercial radio – assuming that the campaign to go with this single matches the quality of the song itself.

My own personal thoughts are that there are places in the chorus where the lead vocal is struggling for attention over other instruments that are sharing the same frequency space. A little more compression on the vocal should fix this. There’s also a slightly dominating frequency around 60hz which could just be notched out to balance the track a little more.

Overall, a really on point, commercial song with a perfect stinger ending making this a great song to pitch for TV. Good luck Sarah and thank you for sharing this with us.

We give this song four ears out of five