SAVANNA BLU – Something To Cry About

Savanna Blue is set to release a new single, Something To Cry About. We’d not come across Savanna’s music before, but she says this song takes her in a different direction to previous work. Whatever the reason, and whatever has gone before; we like this! Set to be released on February 25, we were fortunate enough to grab a quick pre-listen. Thanks Savanna!
Here’s Savanna Blu’s YouTube Channel – go follow it now so that you’ll be notified when Something To Cry About is available.

This is a pleasant, girl-power indie folk anthem. All of us here just loved the lyric; “I don’t mind the weight I’ve gained, it means you’re not the reason I’m not eating”. Clever stuff! Well crafted lyrics that immediately set an image for the listener of someone who may well be heartbroken but is gaining her confidence.
This song develops well all the way through. With subtle backing vocals that have oodles of long reverb on them, you’re swept along with the positive statements within this song.

We’re really liking the cool and creative end to the song…. you’ll have to wait until February 25 to hear it, but it works well.

Photo credits: Austin Massie

Our producer suggests a couple of things – a pretty hefty boost in the top 3 octaves in the final master to help bring some clarity and vulnerability into the lead vocals. Also a single band compressor on the kick drum to make it not quite so dominant in the mix. All personal taste of course.

Our vocal coach had a couple of notes on this. A heavy compression on the vocal track will help balance out the weakness (for want of a better word) in the lower range notes. Savanna, you’ll find as you get older, your low notes will get stronger and if you make sure to put your chin to your chest when you’re going for the low notes this will really help to balance these out a little for you. At the moment, they’re not letting you down as such, you have a stunning voice, but you may want to consider taking future songs up a little higher to let those gorgeous high notes shine and give your lower range notes chance to develop.

All in all, this really is a beautiful, well written song that touched our hearts. Like Taylor Swift but with more soul.

We give this song four ears out of five