Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Saves The Witch. Released on 14th February 2023, It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Take Me, is an instrumental soundscape to relax the most stressed of listeners.

We previously reviewed North Carolina artist, Saves The Witch, with their single, She Dances With Knives, which was an instrumental track in the style of Coheed and Cambria. It’s Dangerous is a very different style and displays the versatility of songwriting of this artist.

Saves the Witch is a mostly instrumental project blending the genres of Post Rock, Post Metal, Blues, and Ambient textures. The project is the solo effort of Eric Maynes.

It’s Dangerous is an ambient chillout track for a late-night playlist. Its ‘study vibes’ feel lends itself to revising for exams or doing a gentle yoga session. It will melt away your troubles.

The track fades in with dreamy guitars playing a repeated rift. The two guitars play in unison and sometimes take turns repeating the riff. Because of this repetition, it is a track which the listener can truly relax into. The drums remain simple throughout and around halfway through, an additional lower instrument is added that sounds a little like a bowed cello. As an active member of the guitar pedal community, we’re guessing this was an effect he was able to create with guitar, but it works well and adds some real depth and emotion.

Speaking of the track, Maynes says, “This song was heavily inspired by the fact that sometimes people want to be independent, but end in the end we all want to connect to someone else on a soul-like level. I think we all want to rely on someone else, and we want them to rely on us as well.”

Ideas from our ears

A cut around 80Hz and a boost around 120Hz would smooth out the warmth in the low end, helping to enhance the soothing sound of the track. There are some peaking tones coming from the effects on the guitar track around 440Hz so a dip here might help it fit a little better. A large boost (15dB?) in the top end centred around 12kHz would add some brightness and presence overall. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a relaxing song for your next meditation or yoga practice, Saves The Witch has you covered. It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Take Me will chill you out no end.