See Plus – The Sun

US based artists See Plus have just released their latest single, The Sun. Hot on the heels of a couple of previous EPs, See Plus seem to us to be working hard on gaining a local fanbase (they mention some local sold out shows) and are looking now to progress their music to a wider audience.

The Sun is an engaging, radio-friendly love song (kind of). It was written about missing one’s girlfriend and an acceptance that the vocalist can’t be without her. Awww!!

The Sun is immediately captivating. It comes straight in with extremely clear guitars and some confident and clear vocals. At about 30 seconds in, the full band join in. I have to give particular kudos to the exciting and interesting fills created by the drummer. Really well played and adding a great deal of depth to the song.
There’s some moments in The Sun that are almost ska like but on the whole this is very much an indie alt rock kind of song.
The lead vocals are nicely complimented by just the right amount of reverb. They sit well in the track.
Also of particular note are the backing vocals. These are really well done. They sit beautiful in the mix and are really well performed. I think I can hear several voices and the song really comes to life when they’re there.
I liked the vocal breakdown with some really interesting instrumentation; a little percussion with some gentle guitars until it builds back into the full band sound again. The Sun manages to captivate the listener for the duration.

For my own personal taste, a few minor adjustments to the master would bring this track from great to fantastic. I felt the vocals were a little boxy and slightly nasal in places. A dip in the low mids and around 1kHz would bring these frequencies under control a little more. Perhaps consider a slight boost in the top 2 octaves with a dip around 9-10kHz to avoid too much sibilance. A bottom end shelf might add a little more warmth to the overall track.

This was the first we’d heard of See Plus here at Send Me Your Ears and we’re very excited at the local buzz they’re creating in New Jersey and are looking forward to hearing them explode onto a wider scene.