When a band name of Seven Layer Piano Cakes comes across my desk, I kinda felt I really had to hear what they had to say! What a superb name! The artist’s forthcoming single, Remy, is due for release of February 4 2022.

This is a positive feeling song, with a sad sentiment behind it. The artist speaks to how he misses his young son, and how he’d love to spend more time with him. “When I leave you, my heart just breaks apart”. This is tear jerking, well written stuff.
I like the rise and fall throughout the song that maintains the listeners interest. There were catchy repeated hooks and a real early 80s pop feel in places. Kind of around the beginnings of electro pop. Ultravox, Howard Jones, etc.

This is a really special song with much love and passion put into it. It hits you right in the feels!

Sadly for me, the song was let down by the production. “Remy” lacks stereo, with a very dominant and distracting electronic sounding snare, and some peaking frequencies in the organ, all of which served to lessen my enjoyment of what is an extremely well conceived song on a subject matter that should be discussed more.

I hope to hear more from this artist and I hope that my suggestions will be taken on board for future projects. I see great potential here.

I give this track 3 ears out of 5