shawn chasten – too much time

Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we’ve been listening to the latest release from US artist, Shawn Chasten. The single, Too Much Time, was released 25/05/22 and is something of a masterclass in the kind of chillout/ study vibes style of music that is so popular right now.

Shawn’s vocals are up front and very present with modern production, without unnecessary tuning effects. The long and distant reverbs work well and don’t detract at all from the clarity of the voice. There’s occasional delays used for emphasis too.

Vocally, we found Shawn to have a smooth and clean breathy vocal with moments of George Michael and other times we caught some Jack Johnson stylings to his presentation.
Shawn has a great range in his voice, and hits the low notes effortlessly.

As far as instrumentation is concerned, as would be expected of a chill out style track, it’s pretty sparse. That works perfectly with this track as you can really centre in on the voice and just mellow out to it.

Electronic drums and a superbly bright and airy bass guitar are the main focus of the instrumentation, with occasional gorgeous piano fills that leave you wanting more.

The long instrumental ending is simple but effective. It doesn’t especially develop, but that’s really the last thing you’re looking for with a chillout track. This has a superb study vibe and also, we feel, is a great track to be considered for sync for TV or film. Perhaps advertising.

Too Much Time has an effortless, almost trance like feel to it. For a song about trying not to overthink things, Too Much Time has somehow managed to make its listener switch off and relax. Job Done!!

Superb production on this track! Our only real concern would be that if the track is mixed down to mono (i.e. for mono radio air play), that lovely stereo effect on the bass would be lost, and may cause a little phase cancellation.

To our ears, a small boost around 50Hz will bring some more thump into the kick, a boost around 100-150Hz will give the bass some extra warmth and a wide boost centred around 3.5kHz will add some extra presence and definition.
Too Much Time is a truly relaxing and smooth chill out track to be enjoyed on the beach with a cocktail or three! We’re very excited to hear what this superb talented artist will produce next. Thanks for sharing your music, Shawn!