Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Vancouver Islands, Signal Static. Object of Affection is out now on all platforms (released today November 25, 2022). and is a strong pushback against relationship abuse and sends a poignant message about abusers and their predatory behaviour. We’re right behind this and ending on the lyric “It wasn’t your first time” shows that this type of person morphs from victim to victim. We love that Signal Static have helped raised the profile of this issue.

Signal Static asks the question; what does it mean to be Human? And, more importantly, what
does it mean to be a good Human?

Coming in immediately with powerful crunchy rhythm guitars and bass playing the same rhythm, this is a song that grabs your attention. The drums follow the same rhythm here and show that the band are extremely tight. We’d love to see them live!

The lead vocal here is passionate and imploring. The message is a lifeline and he needs the listener to hear how important it is. The vocal harmonies that come in are expertly placed and bolster the lead perfectly. They create plenty of excitement and give the listener even more to take in. There is some superb stereo in the vocal tracks.

We like the breakdown section with telephone-filtered background vocals, that builds effortlessly but menacingly back with heavier guitars.

The whole song has a kind of Queens of The Stoneage feel to it, but also if you were looking for an alternative description, we might suggest a heavy version of Terrorvision.

Objects of Affection has a fantastic halftime section with some classy falsetto vocals over the top. With a stinger ending and sitting at just over 3 minutes, this is a highly appealing track and we’d recommend Signal Static reach out to college radio across Canada for airplay.

We really must give extra kudos to the drummer here. This is sublimely well-played stuff, with some truly exciting and breathtakingly intricate fills.. Outstanding!

From a production perspective, we suggest a hi-pass filter at 35Hz would remove some sub-bass rumble and clear up the low end a little. A small cut around 110Hz would balance it out too. A small but wide boost across the mids would increase the fullness in the overall sound. A small cut around 5-5.5kHz and a high shelf boost around 8kHz would bring out the hi-hats and general top end of the drum track too. As always, these are just some ideas from us. The track already sounds amazing!

Signal Static was a new name to us today, but one which we will most definitely be keeping an ear out for. if you like your alt-rock with a great message, add these guys to your playlist today.